Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Potential Ideas For Wikitravel

Having explored Wikitravel and how it works, I have arrived at my top 3 choices for the focus area of my personal Wikitravel project:

1) Back Bay, Boston (Boston is a huge city, so I will be focusing explicitly on the district within the city known as Back Bay)

This is my first choice for several reasons. Firstly, after examining the page that already exists, I noticed that there are several things about the page that could be improved with my personal knowledge and experience in this area. As an informational and helpful travel guide, I feel that the page that exists now is lacking in many areas. This part of Boston is a mere ten minutes from my home that I grew up in and I have lots of experience in this area. Since sophmore year of high school, I have spent almost my entire summer working at a business called the Swan Boats which is located in Back Bay. I have a broad range of information and advice I could see myself contributing to the already existent article: from places to see, things to do, places to eat, drink, along with the best means of transportation in the area. Back Bay is an awesome part of Boston and I think I could definitley improve upon the article that is up, moreso than my other two potential focus reasons. I am not yet sure if I would work on improving this article or creating an itinerary for spending a day here.

2) Needham, Massachusetts (My hometown)

Needham is a suburban, residential town just outside Boston where I have lived my whole life. It is my second choice because it is the place in the world that I know best and am most familiar with. There is little information on the existent page so I feel I could definitely expand upon it. However, the reason I don't think I will be doing my Wikitravel project on Needham, is because as a tourist destination, it is a very lame place. There are many good things about Needham. There is little to no crime, it has a tremendous school system that is improving still, as well as equally tremendous athletic and recreational programs for all ages. It is a great down to raise kids in, and I loved growing up there. But as a tourist destination, Needham is definitely not a hot spot. It is the type of town where on Saturday night at 9 pm, you won't find a single soul in the town center, which is a part of town riddled with an unnecessary amount of banks and lame shops. While I do think I could add to what exists on Needham's Wikitravel pages, I would be hesitant to do so because I would never really recommend Needham as a tourist destination for anyone.

3) Wellfleet, Massachusetts- Wellfleet is located near the Southern tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is an amazing town and an extremely popular tourist destination in the summer. I have vacationed there every year for 1-2 weeks since I was a kid. I put it on my list of top three choices because I have so much personal experience here. Wellfleet is rich with beautiful beaches, amazing resteraunts, and elegant art galleries. There is something for everyone and Wellfleet, and I love it there. However, the Wikitravel page that is already in place for Wellfleet is highly informative and extremely in-depth and overall well-done. Looking at it, I am not sure if I could add any truly substantial, useful information. If I do decide for some reason to do Wellfleet as the focus of my project, I could perhaps create a day-trip itinerary.

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