Monday, September 14, 2009

My Experience with Blogging

My personal experience with Blogging is little to none. This blog, which I have only created because it is an integral aspect of this class, is the first blog I have ever even though of authoring. To be honest, I have never created a blog because I never really thought anyone would be interested in the dissension of my daily activities, which generally consist of not very overly exciting events. Furthermore, as I stated in my previous post in response to Rebbecca Blood's article, the virtual world of blogging has always been extremely overwhelming to me. If I decided I wanted to dive into this world, I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin.

As a reader, I also do not have very much experience with blogs. I believe that I definitely use the internet less than the average person my age. While I check Facebook regularly, aside from this and school purposes, I do not spend very much time browsing the web. I suppose my only real experience as a blog reader is the occasional browsing through one of my favorite websites "" This website is a Filter-style weblog, authored by one man from my hometown of Boston who refers to himself as "El Presidente." On this site he posts a broad range of material: Funny Youtube videos, ridiculous news stories, Boston sports stories etc. In conjunction with all of the material he posts, 'El presidente" offers his own, often hilarious, often ridiculous opinions. My reading of this blog is more for mere entertainment and comedy purposes, not for the absorption of any real, useful information.

I hope that during this course, I will become increasingly enlightened in the world of blogging, perhaps even leading to an increase in my activity as a blogger.

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