Monday, December 7, 2009

2 Project Revisions

1) Project # 1: Enthusiast Blog: The first project I am going to revise for my final portfolio is my enthusiast blog. While I am yet to receive a grade for my final blog, I will be basing my revisions on feedback I received on my initial 4 posts, as well as improvements that I feel can be made. There are several areas I will focus on in revising my enthusiast blog. First will be the aesthetic component of the blog. Throughout the semester I have always felt that my blog could be more pleasing aesthetically, even by taking a simple step like changing the primary colors. However, I have always felt that the content is more important and never took the time to really work towards my desired aesthetic arrangement. This will be an area that I will be focusing on explicitly in revising this blog. Furthermore, I intend to add more pictures within each blog post. While my posts are long and informative, I realized that their length may initially make the reader feel overwhelmed. I plan to add pictures within each post to break them up and make them seem less overwhelming and long. Finally, by changing my description and About Me, I am going to try to make my blog give off a vibe that is more inclusive to any given reader. Finally, I will work to make sure that my grammar is consistent throughout my entire blog. All of these revisions are based off the feedback I received for my initial 4 blog posts. I like my enthusiast blog alot, but I know that with some work it can be much better overall.

2) Project # 2: Writing for Wikitravel: The second project I plan to revise is the Wikitravel project. For this project I wrote about the Back Bay region of Boston. I got really good feedback and earned a good grade on this project, but I believe I can improve it significantly through revision. One negative piece of feedback I received on this project was that my Before.doc did not include the Mark up. Right now I am confused as to how I will go about fixing this, but I plan to clarify this with Ms. Portman. While I earned a good grade on this project, I did not include any pictures despite the fact that I discussed many beautiful, breathtaking landmarks. I think by adding pictures I will bolster my Wikitravel page greatly. Finally, I will add some more posts and content to the site. I realized that I have a lot more to contribute with my extensive knowledge of the region.

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