Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Social Networking for Social Change: Reflective Post # 2

The next step in this project was each member of the group decided a specific type of "scam" that we would each focus upon. Our topic of scams is very broad, and there are countless types of scams out there. I decided to focus explicitly upon identity theft, which is one of the most prominent scams in American society today (it is estimated that around 9 million Americans have their identites stolen each year). I did alot of research on this topic and eventually wrote a blog post which can be found on my groups Ning page. In this post I included some background information along with six simple, easy tips anyone can (and should) take to protect themselves from identity theft. Next we all posted our preliminary blog posts to the Sakai forum and offered each other feedback. All I got was positive feedback from my group so I felt satisfied with my blog post, so I uploaded it onto the Ning page. I felt that this post was definitely a helpful contribution to my groups central purpose which is described at the top of our home page: "Our mission is to inform and motivate those with sincere concern for various scams, as well as empower them to take action for our cause. " At this point in the project my group was working very well together, I was confident in the work I was doing, and I was confident that my groups project was going in the right direction.

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