Monday, November 9, 2009

Project 3- Website Redesign: Reflective Post 3

My main task in the project now was to create a revised site map based upon the changes we as a group made to the URI SEC website. As I discussed, I had trouble in creating my first draft site map, but after talking about it with my group mates and Ms. Portman, I felt I would be able to do a good job in creating a revised site map. I started by creating my site map outline in Microsoft Word. Zach's "Before" site map had been done with a pen, and Ms. Portman advised that the revised map be done through Microsoft Word. After about an hour of playing around with various drawing tools in Microsoft Word, I created what I felt was a great structure for my site map. I realized that it would be extremely difficult to fill in the content of the boxes on my map (the boxes represent different pages on the site) in Microsoft Word, so I printed out my template and filled in the content of each page by hand, and also drew in my key. I felt that I had created a pretty good revised site map, but was still anxious to see what type of feedback I would get at the peer review session in class.

In class, I received no negative feedback, or even any suggestions for my site map. My group mates said they thought it was well done, and I received no criticism/suggestions from the group which looked at my map. I received nothing but positive feedback all around. For this reason I felt that my site map was fine as is, and I did not revise it any further.

As we approach the conclusion of Project 3, I felt it was definitely a positive learning experience for me. I will admit I did not enjoy it as much as the other projects. I am a Writing and Rhetoric major so I like projects that allow me to focus upon and hone my skills as a writer. This project was focused upon redesigning a website, and not so much writing, and this was something I did not like that much. Despite this, I still felt it was a valuable learning experience. One of the underlying themes of our class so far this semester is the fact that as time passes, our world and society, and in particular writing, is becoming increasingly electronic as an explosion in technology continues to pervade all aspects of our society. I'm sure that the website redesign skills I have learned in this project will come in useful somewhere along the line in my life.

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